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Title: RPG in Vaasa
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im studying for erasmus in vaasa and this is the only one forum that i found that is related both to rpg and Finland. Im looking for some players to play during my time here RPGs, planning on GMing Shadowrun. Anyone interested? if im in wrong topic or on a wrong side, could you give me some tips where to find what im looking for? thanks for answers
Well... I\'m not sure if you\'re on the right forum since this forum\'s about game-making programs of the RPG Maker -series by Enterbrain. But I think there are some of us who play board RPGs (if that\'s the right term in English...) here.
If you still want to stay here, this is the place to make an introduction. Smile
[Image: 2m42fyq.jpg]
Regardless, welcome to RPG Maker Finland. And i think the proper term MaRa was looking for is tabletop-RPG, though some do use miniatures and boards...

I don\'t know about the others, but i myself have a slight interest in pen&paper RPGs...
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exactly, tabletop rpg is ehat i mean Smile Pyhänkoski, youre from Vaasa? Smile
No, i\'m from Pyhänkoski Tongue
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I\'ve heard of Erasmus. I believe it is possible to apply for it in my university as well. What line are you stydying?

As for your question, I would gladly play Shadowrun with you, but I fear I live nowhere near to Vaasa. It\'s probably about 400km away, so I suppose I cant. We play sometimes through VASSAL with a bunch of friends who have moved far away from our hometown (one resides in Spain atm and still participates). Have you heard of VASSAL? It\'s a tabletop RPG simulator, where one player is the DM and the action is portrayed with little avatars and a chat screen. It\'s a very small program, like 16mb or so, and free to use. If you want to join in, hit me with a private message. We\'re thinking of playing a Firefly, Fallout or a general cyberpunk campaign soon I believe. The polls are still open, heh.

If you want live action gaming, I\'m not sure if I can help you... Asking around the local game shop (called Fantasiapelit, with a dragon on it\'s banner) might yield you some results, but they might just be hardcore MtG players anyway. Also, finding an english-speaking group could prove difficult, but hey, you won\'t know if you dont try, right?


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