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Title: A Long Journey (Visual Novel) [Flash]
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Siis olen projektin säveltäjäosapuoli ja saan mainostaa sitä täällä. Kyse on erään Amerikkalaisen Rorioxx nimisen tyypin kehittämä peli, johon hän pyysi minua säveltämään.

Pelin beta on jo valmis (julkaistiin pari päivää sitten), joten sitä pääsee kokeilemaan. Titlemusiikin laatu on tässä versiossa hieman heikko, mutta ensiversioon pelin kehittäjä saa laitettua lisää musiikkiani ja sen laatu paranee.

Pelin nimi on:

[Image: a_long_journey__the_visual_novel___comin...6w5aqv.png]

A Long Journey

Pelin kehittäjä olisi onnellinen, jos saisi palautetta pelin laadusta. Toivottavasti joku uskaltaa ylittää Suomalaisen ujouden asteen.

Miten pääsen pelaamaan?

- Mene pelin nettisivulle ja löydät sen sieltä helposti.

Tässä informaatiota Englanniksi. Kehittäjän itsensä kirjoittama.

"A Long Journey" features the tale of a failed conquering prince, and a wandering nomad who are unfortunately bound together in a journey across the brazing, wild landscape in order to get to the end of the journey. The prince wishes to go home, and the nomad has given him her word, and cannot take it back now.


Humor, Light, Adventure, a tinge of Drama

------------- Main Characters ---------------

Auferre - The Wandering Nomad

[Image: 6019087.png]

She's a wanderer with little family and many friends. Her hard life has only given her the determination to make life better for everyone else. But she never minds to drop a "yo mama" joke every once and a while.

Warrick - The Failed Prince

[Image: al_p1_by_roxioxx-d71v09r.jpg]

He is the definition of the handsome, intelligent aristocratic elite who is nice to only those at the same level as he is. Make no mistake, he is incredibly gifted in strategy and manipulation which has landed him the title as Grand Consulate of the Garnet Empire. He has a great fear of being all alone.


Since 1970, earth has been sending colonists through a space program that no one had really known about since there was no internet. Many people had moved to this new world called "Pangaea." Then the internet became a thing, and the space program was shut down. It led to utter chaos and many people became stranded and society had to break down and rebuild itself. This story is set as people are trying to learn to get along with other people.

---------Game-play Aspects -----------
•Interactive Story
•Choices - none are persay "moral" but the ones you make do change the conversations you get, and sometimes how the story turns out
•Save / Loading - to replay some choices if you do not like the outcome of one
•Trophies Available
•Episodic - Around 10 - 30 min per episode



Elias Luukannen
- BG Music

Find him at: https://soundcloud.com/elias-luukkanen


As time goes by, I'll have more stuff like video updates and maybe some sound tracks. I'll also be updating the website majorly once I have more progress done.

Hope you will give it a shot. This will be my first game.


Official Site:


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